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When the engine is running it produces a lot of friction and heat. The radiator uses coolant to keep the engine running at a healthy temperature, therefore the radiator prevents the car engine from overheating.


What are the tell-tale signs of a damaged radiator?

  • Steam coming out of the bonnet indicates an overheating engine and possibly a faulty radiator
  • A puddle underneath the car could indicate a leaky radiator
  • If the temperature gauge signals HOT, this may indicate a damaged radiator

What should I check for?

  • Check the coolant levels when your vehicle is COLD, it should sit somewhere between the min and max level. Check these levels often, as a sudden drop in levels could indicate a leak
  • Check there is no sludge build-up around the radiator cap or neck of the radiator
  • Check there are no leaks on the radiator core or tank
  • Check for signs of damage to the radiator and heater hoses, such as loose clamps or deterioration


How do I tell if my radiator is faulty or if there’s something else wrong with the car?

A pressure test will determine this, just call into your local ADRAD Radiator Agent to have this done.


Why do radiators need repairing or replacing?

Radiators may become damaged over time due to corroded tubes, faulty seals or a cracked tank. Like many essential car parts, radiators need to be repaired or replaced so that the vehicle can function properly.

Many radiators only need the faulty part repaired. However, if your radiator was a cheap after-market product your best bet is to replace it before the unit fails completely and damages your vehicle.

Talk to your local ADRAD radiator Agent to discuss the best option for you.


Why should I go to an ADRAD Radiator Agent when there are cheaper options out there?

There are many cheap radiators imported into New Zealand, These are often mass produced using inferior materials and sub-standard techniques. These may seem appealing as they’re cheap, but they can quickly end up costing a lot more than a quality one. Therefore, buying a quality radiator is a decision you won’t regret.

You can trust the ADRAD radiator Agents to supply you with the best quality radiator produced by trustworthy and established manufacturer – after 80 years in the business, Adrad National Radiators are the experts!


Can I buy a radiator online?

Purchasing a radiator online is risky as there are a lot of subtle differences and various factors that need to be considered, therefore we don’t recommend this.

Instead, come in to your local ADRAD radiator Agent to discuss the best option for you. With a nationwide network of Agents, we can generally get you back up and running either the same day or overnight.


How often should I replace my radiator coolant?

It’s ideal to periodically change the radiator fluid to maintain optimal cooling. Over time, dirt and contaminants can build up in the fluid and areas of the cooling system. Change in PH level over time can reduce the effectiveness of your coolant. Most manufacturers recommend you flush your cooling system every 24-36 months or 40,000kms-60,000kms. If the vehicle is used in very hot, very cold or harsh environments, every 12-24 months would be more suitable.


What are cabin air filters designed to do?

Air entering and circulating through your car can contain millions of microscopic pollutants… which is exactly what our Cabin air filters are designed to remove. A relatively new feature on the automotive scene, these are often overlooked in regular vehicle maintenance. They will maximise the performance of your Air-conditioning and make your journey healthier and more enjoyable. Now available from any  0800Radiator Nationwide Radiator Repair Agent


How to buy a quality radiator

When it comes to your vehicle’s engine, a quality radiator is like its best friend, because nothing else can provide the engine with a more efficient cooling process to ensure it keeps running smoothly.

The radiator’s important function makes it a vital component of every vehicle, which is why manufacturers have come up with many various models of radiator to meet the exact requirements of all the different engines. In reference to these exacting design and specification standards, you may be familiar with the term Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM, to describe the maker of an automotive part that is manufactured by the same company that produced the original part used in the vehicle’s assembly.

When it comes to vehicle engines and their various components, it’s always important to use the right part for the job. That’s why ADRAD radiator products meet and often exceed OEM specifications. Our products are tested to the highest quality standards to ensure optimal performance and trouble free motoring.


Why do auto radiators need to be repaired or replaced?

Over time, a radiator may become damaged due to corrosion or cracked seals or some other failure, usually as a result of poor maintenance. Like many other essential car parts, radiators also need to be properly maintained and, if necessary, repaired or replaced in order to ensure the vehicle can function properly.

When this happens, and given how vital a role the radiator performs for the health of your vehicle’s engine, it’s always wise to get your radiator repair done by a specialist radiator repair service.


How radiator cleaning service is done?

By utilising chemical and steam cleaning, we’re able to target internal and external blockages in any radiator.


What is Reconditioning radiator service?

This involves stripping the radiator down and cleaning every part. By unblocking the tubes and resoldering connections your radiator will have a new lease of life.


When you need Recore radiator service?

Recore radiator services are needed when the condition of current core is worn, damaged or unsatisfactory. Many different specifications are available from our radiator servicing experts to suit your purpose – ADRAD can even offer high performance cores for vintage models as a superior cooling alternative.


What type of radiator repairing we do?

We can repair many leaking radiators. Be it tube leaks, core leaks, or even tank leaks, ADRAD’s superior radiator services technicians can fix the problem with trust and care.


Why go to a reputable radiator agent?

The huge variety of radiators available on the market today can make choosing the right one challenging for anyone but the most knowledgeable radiator specialist. In other words, someone who knows about key radiator factors, such as construction, tubing, airflow, and so on, like the back of his hand.

Remember, while a radiator might not be an overly cheap item, it’s much less expensive than having to replace the engine!

Unfortunately, some people forget this very important point and are sometimes distracted by the often cheaper radiators that are available from sources other than a professional radiator service, or even online.

However, when it comes to radiators, cheaper often means that corners have been cut somewhere in the manufacturing process, with the end product usually inferior to the OEM design specifications required for your vehicle.


Quality radiators mean better performance and longer life

There are many small differences between quality radiators and inferior ones, which together combine to make a big difference to the radiator’s overall performance and service life. It’s important to remember that in the radiator game, better construction always means better performance and longer life.

To reduce costs, inferior quality radiators are often mass produced using sub-standard techniques and inferior quality or thinner gauge materials that don’t meet those important OEM specifications.


How could this affect the performance or life of your radiator?

  • Well, for example, if you live near the coast (and let’s face it, most Kiwis don’t live far from the coast at all) or go to the beach often, the sea air will quickly corrode the thinner cooling fins. Or, if the incorrect material grade is used for the header plate – that’s where the radiator tank joins the core – the header could split, which will make it impossible to repair the radiator.
  • Then there’s the question of whether the fan and shroud will fit correctly to the cheaper replacement radiator. If there are gaps around the shroud or holes that don’t line up, you’re almost guaranteed poorer performance.
  • Or the tank size of the cheaper radiator could be wrong, which will also mean that the header plate is also the incorrect size, which leads to problems with inter-changeability if a new tank needs to be fitted at a later stage. Not being able to get the right size could mean that you’ll need to buy a whole new radiator again instead of simply being able to replace the part in question.
  • Finally, ask yourself what sort of guarantee comes with the cheaper radiator. You might not like the answer.

So, while a cheaper than expected radiator might seem very appealing, it can quickly end up costing you a lot more in time, hassle and money than a quality radiator that you can rely on.

If you’ve got a quality radiator in your vehicle and it develops a problem, take it to a specialist radiator service company and you’ll likely find that instead of having to replace the whole radiator you only need to replace a part or get a minor radiator repair done. This is seldom the case, however, if you’ve got one of the cheaper after-market radiators, where a fault usually means a complete replacement.


Where to get the best radiators?

ADRAD National Radiators have been in the radiator business for more than 80 years, which means we’re a radiator company that offers expert radiator repair services. Our nationwide network of radiator agents will be able to supply you with the best quality radiators produced by trustworthy and established manufacturers.

Our radiator agents carry the most extensive range of engine cooling products in New Zealand – from components to radiator cores to complete assemblies – and our radiator experience and know-how ensures our products provide unmatched performance and reliability.

We’ll check on the condition of your radiator, assess what it needs and advise you on the best maintenance plan, and with our nationwide network of radiator agents, we can generally get you back up and running either the same day or overnight.

Finally, for your peace of mind, we offer a two-year nationwide radiator warranty support from our radiator repair network, which means you’re covered from one end of the country to the other.

Isn’t it time you had your vehicle’s cooling system comprehensively checked by a specialist radiator service? Call us on 0800 723 428 and we’ll get it sorted for you.


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