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radiator maintenance radiator fan

Radiator Parts – How Radiators work & what to do when they don’t!

auto radiator cap

How your radiator cap helps your engine beat the heat

auto radiator repair

Don’t let your vehicle lose its cool – come see us for your auto radiator repair

maintenance tips for auto radiators

How to maintain your radiator in winter? Our winter auto radiator maintenance tips

Car radiator repair and manufacuring

Behind the scenes of a car radiator repair and manufacturing company

Motoring Mad Motor Show 2016

Mataura Scouts Fundraiser - Motoring Mad Motor Show 2016

CRC Speedshow 2016

Catch ADRAD at the CRC Speedshow 2016

Southland Radiators

Love Is In The Air for Southland Radiators

Kamo Radiators

Kamo Radiators Turns Pink

Repco Beach Hop at Whangamata

Meet ADRAD's Team at Repco Beach Hop at Whangamata.

Repco Beach Hop

Counting down to this year’s Repco Beach Hop at Whangamata 30 March – 3 April 2016.

hamilton radiator repair

Monteith & Parker - Your Hamilton Radiator Repair Shop

Southern Field Days

November Radiator News

November Radiator News

Christchurch Radiators

Hornby Radiator Shop in Christchurch celebrates 10 year anniversary

lets talk radiators, with Kristy Summers, Muirs Radiators Gore

Let's Talk Radiators with Muirs Radiators Gore

Richard and Lyn Baird

Radiator Services Dunedin

Southland Radiators - The month that was ...

A custom made radiator makes a Mercedes purr again

Mataura Scouts Fundraiser - Motoring Mad Motor Show

Radiator Repair in Auckland with ADRAD

A Radiator Core is Reborn ... Vintage Radiator Repair

ADRAD Radiator Repair and maintenance in New Zealand

Profit important to you? Maintain your tractor’s radiator NOW!

Uh oh - the radiator’s blown! … or regular radiator maintenance? You choose

Not only radiators, radiator repair, intercoolers, coolant or antifreeze ...

From tea pots to vintage radiators, Southland radiator repairs anything from

From teapots to radiators - Who said we only restored Vintage Radiators?

Vintage Radiator

A Vintage Radiator - Your Labour of Love deserves the Best!

Your Car Radiator: Does Better Construction = Better Performance?

Petrol-head punch at the 2015 CRC Speedshow

radiator repair Auckland

Radiator Repair Auckland | Genuine tips to save your engine when your car is overheating


The 6 Myths of Antifreeze that Threaten your Radiator

Radiator Hose

Emergency Radiator Hose Repair

Your Car’s Cooling System and its Components

A fond farewell to Brent Crawford of Crawford's Radiator Centre in Napier

Tips for Engine over heating

What To Do In Case of Engine Overheating

radiators nelson

Richmond Radiators Nelson at Popular Motor Show


5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Radiator

cooling system

A Fun Road Trip and Car Cooling System Tips

Check out these tips…