Introducing Muirs Radiators – Gore

Introducing Muirs Radiators – Gore

Introducing Muirs Radiators – 30 Gorton Street, Gore – Southland.

In 1952 Bert and Megan Muir started Muirs Radiators in a lean-to behind their house on Irwell Street in Gore.

They then built a shed beside the house and as the business grew, they rebuilt the shed into a concrete block workshop where they worked until the late 1970’s when Bert built a bigger workshop at their current location in Gore’s Gorton Street.

Bert ran the workshop and Megan worked on the bench fixing radiators, unheard of back in the ‘50’s. Their son Bruce eventually took over the business and in 1987 was joined by classic car enthusiastic Malcolm Brown.

Malcolm and his wife Jo purchased the business in 2007 and in keeping with company tradition continue to have females working on the bench, currently employing two women in their Gore workshop. An executive member of Gore’s MTA, Malcolm is a highly skilled radiator expert with a reputation for producing top quality products, delivering quality craftsmanship and providing exceptional service.

Malcolm and Jo have three children and two grandchildren. They enjoy family gatherings and the great outdoors and Malcolm and his son are currently restoring an EK Holden.

Workshop manager Kristy Summers has been with Muirs Radiators since 2007. She started her career working on the bench, cleaning and repairing radiators, and she’s well qualified to discuss and solve her customer’s radiator problems. When she’s not getting her hands dirty at the bench, you’ll find her overseeing the accounts, maintaining the company’s website and in her spare time Kristy enjoys bike riding with her two young kids and walking their dog Tama.

Firm believers in equal opportunities, Muirs Radiators often provide work for people who might otherwise be overlooked in the job market. These people have limited skill levels and the Muirs team help to develop these and gain more knowledge in the industry.

Son Damage!

A farmer got his truck stuck in the mud so he went to get the bull dozer to tow the truck out but had nobody driving the truck. As he was towing the truck out he saw the truck go right past him and land in the gully behind. When the farmer rang to book the radiator in for repair, he said it had SON DAMAGE – not what we expected!

Most common question:

What’s the difference between anti-freezes?

Best advice:

Change your anti-freeze/coolant regularly.

Why our customers choose us:

We stand behind our product and our workmanship and we really enjoy helping to fix our customers’ problems.

The team at Muirs Radiators can be reached here.