Radiator Repair Auckland | Genuine tips to save your engine when your car is overheating

Radiator Repair Auckland | Genuine tips to save your engine when your car is overheating

A client review and recommendation for a local Radiator Repair Auckland.

“On the coldest of Auckland winter days, whilst sitting at the traffic lights, I glanced at my car’s heat gauge. It was way higher than normal and the temperature gauge was climbing.

I remembered an experienced mechanic friend who’d shared some car wisdom with me. He’d said that

“when your car is overheating, don’t take it to a mechanic, take it to a radiator repair specialist.”

This advice remained with me for a day that I hoped would not eventuate.

I googled local radiator repair Auckland. Found my closest 0800 radiator service shop in Penrose and called them.

That’s where the “above and beyond client service” began.

They shared some great tips for when your car is overheating. These tips allowed me to “limp” back toward their Auckland radiator repair premises.

Radiator Repair Tip 1

Turn the car’s air conditioning off and turn the car’s heater on. This will direct the heat energy away from your engine. Be sure to open your windows if needed. You now have heated air flowing into the interior cabin of your car. This could be quite uncomfortable and the open window will make it more bearable.

Radiator Repair Tip 2

If you notice your engine releasing steam or starting to smoke, immediately pull your car over to the road side. Only do this when it is safe to do so. Turn your engine off.

Radiator Repair Tip 3

If you are comfortable doing so, open up the car’s bonnet. Do not open the bonnet until the engine has cooled completely.

Safety warning! Wait until it is completely safe for you to open the bonnet.

In our case, we didn’t know what to look for so we called the radiator repairer again. We were only 1 km away from their radiator shop so they sent out a radiator specialist to assist us road side. Wow, what service!

Radiator Repair Tip 4

When it is safe to do so, be sure to check your radiator antifreeze levels. If your antifreeze levels are low or completely depleted, you may have a radiator leak. If this is not the case, as happened to our car. The explanation provided to us was as follows. When the car starts, the antifreeze is sucked into the engine. When the car’s engine is turned off, it appears that you have enough antifreeze in the car. The situation changes when you start the vehicle.

Radiator Repair Tip 5

If you do need to pull over on the way to the radiator repairer, never but never add water/antifreeze to a vehicle that is hot and is turned off. Twist off the radiator cap using a rag or glove. Only add water/antifreeze to the vehicle once it has cooled down. If it is absolutely necessary, you can use water during this roadside situation. This is in no way a long term solution. This will only keep your engine cool for just long enough for you to reach your destination or radiator repairer. It is important to only add antifreeze/water to an over- heated engine once it has cooled down. The team at 0800 Radiators emphasised the fact that you should never add a liquid when a car has overheated and is turned off.

Our ending was a happy one. The car engine was protected based on the great radiator advice that was provided. The ADRAD team fitted a quality radiator that will last for many years to come. We experienced great “old fashion kiwi” service. And yes, we learnt something about radiators along the way.

I will, without a doubt recommend Phil and the team at ADRAD Radiator Repair in Penrose, Auckland. For auto radiator repair, they certainly go beyond the call of service and duty.”

With thanks
Ian M, Remuera – Auckland.

For more information contact the radiator experts at ADRAD Nationwide Radiator Repair Network. We’ll check on the condition of your radiator, we’ll assess what it needs, and advise you on the best maintenance plan for your vehicle’s radiator.

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