Your Car Radiator: Does Better Construction = Better Performance?

Your Car Radiator: Does Better Construction = Better Performance?

Think about it. Does better construction = better performance for your car radiator?

Remember that maths class? The dreaded equations. Well at 0800radiator we’ve come up with a new equation. An equation that we know has a high level of accuracy when it comes to car radiators.

BC = BP + LL

Ask our authorised local radiator repairer about a quality car radiator.

They have the detail at their fingertips on how a quality radiator will perform better and last longer than an inferior one.

We’ve summed this up as follows:

Better Construction = Better Performance + Longer Life

So let’s explain.

High Quality Finish
Uniform Tight Fin
More Tube
Strong Construction
Thicker material for Inlet / Outlet
Rubber Mounts included
Thicker Mounting Clips (Fans and Condenser)
Proven in NZ and Australian conditions?
Quality Supplier?
Comprehensive National Warranty supported by our nationwide network of Radiator Repairers?
Locally supported since 1934

*Testing conducted on ADRAD National Radiator (ANR) imported full assembly product HN83P and competitor product for equivalent vehicle application. Tube number is measured across core face.”

Many small differences between quality radiators and inferior ones combine to make a big difference to the performance and service life of your radiator. A careful look at the radiator you buy can reveal a lot.

When choosing a car radiator, please talk to one or our radiator service experts. Ask them about our quality radiator equation.

They’re not just passionate about quality car radiators. They’re are also able to provide expert radiator advice for petrol and diesel tanks. Call them for all radiator installations, radiator replacements, quality radiator repairs and radiator inspections.

At 0800 Radiators, ADRAD understand the importance of meeting your needs. Our radiator experience and know-how ensure our products provide unmatched performance, reliability and fitment. We have selected a group of dedicated radiator service agents and repairers to deliver the best quality cooling products to you. Our team are always on hand to serve you.

For more information contact the radiator experts at ADRAD Nationwide Radiator Repair Network. We’ll check on the condition of your radiator, we’ll assess what it needs, and advise you on the best maintenance plan for your vehicle’s radiator.