Profit important to you? Maintain your tractor’s radiator NOW!

Profit important to you? Maintain your tractor’s radiator NOW!

How many times do we have a piece of equipment on the farm damaged or broken because we failed to maintain the item sufficiently?

If you think back to the steam engines of the early days (and, by the way, we do also repair vintage radiators), there was always a man walking around with an oil can, keeping everything oiled and running smoothly. This kept the metal apart so that it didn’t contact, bind and destroy the engine.

The same principle applies to farm machinery today. When it comes down to farm and civil works machinery, you should maintain the machinery when the weather is at its lowest point. This differs from industry to industry, but it’s generally during winter when there is a lot of rain across New Zealand. During the wet season, regular work is often not possible (it may be a health and safety risk, or due to OSH compliance requirements).

“Downtime can be productive. Think scheduled maintenance to prevent mechanical failures in the busy season,” says Phil Hancock, Workshop Manager – National Radiators Limited.

Under the requirements of the New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Act, you’re expected to ensure that your tractor and gear run effectively. If you do not have a proper risk assessment check system in place, and someone gets hurt, then you could find yourself on the wrong side of the OSH Act.

Why maintain your equipment, vehicles or tractor radiator?

Your farm tractor can mean the difference between getting the work done, or watching your harvest rot.

When it’s harvest time, you need all your farm vehicles and implements running at full capacity. Equally important then is pre-planning downtime for maintenance work, so all machinery is ready to work hard when you need it to. Of course, time for harvesting and time for maintenance work will differ from farm to farm, and from region to region, depending on the season and the crop. So it’s important to ask yourself, “When can I do without my farm equipment and vehicles?”, then schedule that time for the necessary servicing.

We understand that there is no room for downtime so no matter what radiator you need help with, ADRAD’s nationwide network of radiator specialists can repair or replace them all – tractors, dump trucks, quad bikes, vintage and even radiators on stationery agricultural machinery such as irrigation pumps etc. We have radiators for absolutely every vehicle or stationary motor, and can even manufacture to your specifications.

So, don’t procrastinate – call your local 0800 Radiator specialist today and talk to them about your annual tractor’s radiator maintenance requirements.