Southland Radiators – The month that was …

Southland Radiators – The month that was …

UPDATE: As of August 2018, we’re pleased to announce that Frank Brookland and Auto Radiators Southland are our new agents for Invercargill and Southland. Bruce has joined him in a positive business move, so together there are more than 50 years of combined experience on hand; to keep your car cool.

Southland Radiators 2008 Ltd are Invercargill radiator specialists who pride themselves on providing clients with quality radiators and radiator repair service.

Southland Radiators – The month that was in Invercargill

A digger radiator, leaking core and broken top plastic tank

A Komatsu digger radiator that came in with a leaking core and broken top plastic tank.  Our radiator repairer made a new alloy tank and welded it to a new quality ADRAD radiator core and reused the bottom tank. Saved the customer $$$$$ on a new genuine radiator.

Radiator Repair and Service

When last has your radiator been serviced?

A Ford Courier radiator was in for a clean as it’s getting the head gasket done.  

Tip:  If you own a 1999 or later Ford Courier and you haven't had your radiator serviced recently, 90% of the Courier radiators that come into our radiator repair shop for a service look like this.  Service your radiator regularly to avoid costly radiator repairs.

A radiator re-core

A radiator re-core for a customer’s 55 Chev.

What is a radiator re-core?  This method is where you use your existing tanks and brackets from your “damaged” radiator and place them onto a brand new radiator core.

The difference a quality radiator can make.

See below, a selection of poor quality radiators that customers have purchased from various suppliers.  All of these radiators have failed within 2 years.  These have either caused major engine damage or not been efficient enough to cool the vehicle under load.

Luckily the second time round the customers visited Southland Radiators and I have sorted their cooling system needs with quality ADRAD parts. Although cheap online radiators may be tempting in the short-term, they may end up costing you more in the long run.

So for quality parts and service for your cooling system, come in and see me or give a nationwide ADRAD radiator agent a call. Do it once and do it right.

Contact your local radiator repair specialist or visit our nationwide ADRAD radiator agent directory today.