Radiator News – December 2015

Radiator News – December 2015

Radiator News ADRAD December 2015

Radiator News December rounds up the snippets, anecdotes, humour and happenings from our ADRAD agents around the country.

A quiet one this month, with many agents winding up work for the year and it being a shorter work month.  Bradley Evans has been busy though – love the party pic Brad!

Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists Ltd

Bradley Evans of Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists in Nelson wasn’t taking any chances on leaving any of his festive refreshments behind! (hence the duct tape!).

Here he is sending out a huge thanks to all his customers for their support during 2015.

And next to that a humdinger of a damaged radiator!  This is what happens when ‘fan meets radiator’, according to Brad.

And for the vintage car enthusiast – Great job Brad, on fitting a modern radiator core to a 1918 Buick radiator.  A section of the original core remains to retain the factory grill face.

nelson radiator-maintaining your radiatorIf your car is overheating this could be the problem. There are 7 tubes letting water out through the 144 tubes in this radiator.

If there is a brown colour to the water in your car’s radiator, this could be the extent of the corrosion to the internal components.

Rather than a case of diluting the coolant, Brad Evans advises that this is likely a result of not putting enough good quality coolant in the system before topping up with water.

And here, another log hauler radiator done. Stripped cleaned baffles replaced and reassembled.  It was just a ‘little grubby’ (95% blocked!).

That’s it for this month folks, please keep us updated of anything you’d like to share over the coming month, we love hearing from you.