Monteith & Parker – Your Hamilton Radiator Repair Shop

Monteith & Parker – Your Hamilton Radiator Repair Shop

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We love hearing how our Adrad agents help their customers solve their radiator problems.

Recently our Hamilton based radiator expert Eion Makin from Monteith and Parker had a customer who’s Isuzu truck was constantly overheating.

“Before bringing the truck to us, he’d tried to sort the problem himself. He’d replaced the radiator cap, the thermostat and the water pump. He’d also flushed the radiator twice, thinking that would solve the overheating problem, which sadly it didn’t. He even had a mechanic check for problems with the head gasket.

Unfortunately, the truck continued to overheat so he brought it into our workshop where we quickly discovered that the Isuzu’s radiator was completely blocked and corroded.

We replaced the core with a quality ADRAD one and had the truck back on the road the same day.

This just shows how important it is to have your vehicle’s radiator checked and regularly maintained by an experienced radiator expert.

We can quickly diagnose the problem and save our customers time, money and frustration!”

The moral of the story?  Go straight to a radiator expert for help with overheating problems and cooling requirements.  Call 0800 RADIATOR to be connected directly to one of our local Agents.

hamilton radiator repair shop

Isuzu truck radiator that is completely blocked and corroded

Call 0800 RADIATOR to be connected directly to one your local Agent, or select your agent from the nationwide ADRAD agents here.

Learn more about Hamilton radiator repair team Monteith & Parker, and perhaps brush up on your car’s cooling system and its components.