Radiator Parts – How Radiators work & what to do when they don’t!

Radiator Parts – How Radiators work & what to do when they don’t!

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Radiator Parts – How Radiators work & what to do when they don’t!

A car’s cooling system plays a significant role in preventing a vehicle overheating nightmare. The same principles used over a century ago still applies today; radiator parts work in conjunction with the water pump, head gasket, heaters and a maze of hoses to circulate radiator coolant through the engine block. Without a well performing system, the explosions created inside the engine will lead to uncontrollable heat and self-destruction!

Crash course: key components and the need for radiator servicing

Radiator Core

An aluminium radiator core is commonly mistaken as “the radiator”, but there’s actually more to it. The core extracts heat out of the coolant and transfers it to the airstream, keeping temperatures low by dispersing heat through the surface area that core fins provide.

Radiator Fan, Heater and Hose

Another component is the radiator fan – mounted to the core and designed to direct cool air flow toward the fins. Having passed through the radiator, the coolant’s water and antifreeze mix continues back through lengths of radiator hose to the radiator heater before cycling the engine block at optimal temperature. Preventing the engine overheating through dispersal is the very purpose of a car radiator system.

Radiator Parts need for servicing

Like all things exposed to varying temperatures, radiators undergo significant wear and tear and many parts can fail. Failure to undertake due radiator maintenance can exacerbate potential concerns into expensive problems. The radiator replacement cost may seem expensive but pales in comparison to an engine rebuild.

When things do go wrong, it’s important to be prepared. If your temperature gauge shows signs of distress, pull over immediately and allow the engine to cool. Thick smoke can indicate serious damage – a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder head or cracket engine block all lead to a costly radiator leak repair or even full replacement. At this point, driving should be seriously discouraged, instead, you need to take your auto vehicle straight to your nearest ADRAD radiator specialist.

Our local radiator agent are more than able to conduct quality radiator servicing and repair. By first undertaking a pressure test, ADRAD agents can begin the process of diagnosis and repair. Be it a coolant flush, re-core or a total radiator replacement, the high standards our radiator technicians hold themselves to makes for an exemplary service.

The case for replacement

When evaluating your radiator solution, the adage “prevention is better than cure” applies. ADRAD’s network of radiator repairers stock a wide range of radiators for sale backed with a two year nationwide warranty. We only offer this because the radiator parts we use for aluminium radiators, intercoolers, hose and cores meet the highest quality standards.

Why you should use quality radiator parts over discount radiators:

Greater efficiency
Increased reliability

Our radiator specialists can make custom solutions with both aluminium and copper alloy designs. With better build quality and heat dispersal, an ADRAD solution lowers coolant temps faster while offering greater reliability under the stresses of high temperature. Cheap radiators compromise reliability through shoddy parts and workmanship, leading to complete failure and engine damage.

In essence, radiators do an amazing job and a well-constructed and serviced radiator will have minimal issues throughout its lifespan. However, when things do go wrong, the issues can be quite diverse and require an expert. Our nationwide network of radiator agents will be able to supply you with the best quality radiators and radiator parts produced by trustworthy and established manufacturers.

Isn’t it time you had your vehicle’s cooling system comprehensively checked by a specialist radiator service? Contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.