Emergency Radiator Hose Repair

Emergency Radiator Hose Repair

Why is it important to know how to repair a radiator hose temporarily:

Everybody experiences a car breakdown at one time or another, and many of us have had the sinking experience standing on the side of the road with a broken radiator hose and not knowing what to do. So make sure you know how to fix your radiator hose temporarily so you can take your car to the nearest radiator shop.

It’s advised to get your car checked by a professional after a breakdown rather than trying to fix it yourself, but knowing how to temporarily fix a broken hose may save you in an emergency.

How to fix your car’s radiator hose temporarily

Firstly, let your car cool off – Never do any cooling system repairs when your car is still hot. When it has adequately cooled, open the hood.

Once you have opened the hood, see if you can locate the source of the steam. If the steam is coming out of a rubber hose you are likely to be able to fix it quickly to get you out of your predicament.

Once you have located the hole, dry it completely.

Next, you need to tear off a 2-3 inch piece of duct tape (remember to buy some duct tape and keep it in your car). Place it over the hole in the radiator hose, starting at the centre (just over the hole) press the tape firmly in place.

Now tear off a long piece of tape and, starting about 2 inches above the smaller piece of tape, wrap it around the hose tightly. Tear another longer piece of the duct tape and, starting about 2 inches above the smaller piece of tape, wrap it around the hose tightly and press it in place.

Now check if you have enough radiator fluid to get home or to a radiator repair shop. If it’s very low you can add water for now, adding the coolant later.

In summary

  • Let your car cool off!
  • Find and dry the hole in your radiator hose
  • Put a 2-3 inch piece of duct tape directly over the hole
  • Wrap more tape around the radiator hose
  • Check and add fluid or water to the radiator if needed
  • Drive straight to your closest ADRAD radiator agent

Remember to never do cooling system repairs on a hot car because it may lead to serious burns. This guide is only intended for temporary repair to help you get to your closest radiator repair shop safely, do not rely on this repair, take your car to a radiator repair specialist right away to have it fixed.

Don’t take your safety lightly – Contact ADARD

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for information only and should not be followed without taking the advice of an onsite radiator specialist.