A fun road trip with these car cooling system tips

A fun road trip with these car cooling system tips

Road trips are fun, as long as your vehicle is running smoothly. Make sure that your car is in the perfect condition to be on the highway before you leave for your road trip with these 5 cooling system tips.

Make your road trip fun and memorable!

  1. Pack a chilly bin with ice and your favourite bevvies, so you can enjoy a cold drink on arrival.
  2. Install sunshades on the windows to prevent your passengers from getting hot and bothered.
  3. Pull over for an ice-cream. The kids will love you for it!
  4. Go for a quick dip in the ocean – you’ll feel refreshed and alive!
  5. Before you leave, don’t forget to check your car’s cooling system. You don’t want to waste your holiday stuck on the side of the road!

Yeah, okay, we know these types have nothing to do with cooling system tips. But we still want your trip to be memorable! Now, if you really want to focus on your cooling system we have good news. At ADRAD Radiators we can give you the advice and the service you need for you and your car, so you can go safe to any trip you have this summer.

If you need help with your car’s cooling system before a road trip or any other time during the year, give ADRAD Radiators a visit. We carry out comprehensive cooling system checks and specialise in heat exchange products for cars – from the family sedan to a treasured vintage Sportster. We also specialise in radiators for motorcycles, trucks, construction equipment, agriculture, power generation, mining and rail applications.

Now you can enjoy summer, always making sure you follow these cooling system tips.

Contact one of our radiator agents near you if you need assistance with your cooling system on 0800 RADIATOR (723 428)