Meet Rob Cuttle of Capital Radiators Wellington

Meet Rob Cuttle of Capital Radiators Wellington

Meet your ADRAD Radiator Expert – Rob Cuttle, owner of Capital Radiators Wellington

With a background in engineering, a passion for motorsport and a desire to be his own boss, it’s easy to see why two years ago Rob bought the long-established Capital Radiators in Wellington’s Mt Cook.

Capital Radiators is a speciality automotive repair shop focusing on radiators and cooling systems for cars and trucks.

Rob has over 20 years of experience and he and his team are cooling systems experts, which means they’re more knowledgeable and have a greater range of products than a regular workshop. They can provide heavy duty options and are experts at bespoke products.

Says Rob, “We use quality Adrad products and their nationwide warranty
means our customers are covered from one end of the country to the other.”

Top tip?

Check coolant level when the vehicle is cold.

Wise words?

“You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get.”

Rob and Ashleigh at Capital Radiators Wellington can be reached here.