A Vintage Radiator – Your Labour of Love deserves the Best!

A Vintage Radiator – Your Labour of Love deserves the Best!

Vintage Radiator: Labour of love or love’s labour lost?

Restoring a vintage or classic car can be frustrating. Getting the right parts can make all the difference in achieving reliable performance. But authentic design maintains the vehicle’s original condition and maximising its value.

Whatever your vintage radiator requirements, you have come to the right place!

A vintage car radiator company in New Zealand.

No matter how specialised your radiator request, we will have what you’re looking for. And if we can’t supply it from stock, we will custom make your vintage radiator to your specifications.

Distinctive radiator designs are a key feature on many classic, vintage and veteran vehicles. This reflects the technology and character of a bygone era.

Classic vehicle restorers often need genuine honeycomb or cellular replacement radiator cores. Parts to ensure and maintain the classic vehicle’s integrity.

We’ve known many car enthusiasts who feel they’ve had to compromise on their vintage radiator. They’ve experienced this either on accurate styling, or quality construction or both.

At Adrad we rise to the challenge of providing you with vintage radiators with reliable cooling performance.

  • Why choose us for your vintage radiator restoration?
  • We have over 80 years of radiator manufacturing experience manufacturing radiators.
  • Our ADRAD’s expert craftsmen use original manufacturing equipment.
  • We produce full copper hexagonal and cellular style cores. The cores are then full face solder dipped to produce an authentic and exact fit replacement radiator.
  • We feed high-quality copper and brass strip into original machinery from the period. This transforms them into a beautiful and detailed radiator core.
  • We build our classic and vintage radiators to last.

Are you looking for a vintage radiator cap, classic radiator cover or classic mini radiator? How about a vintage cast iron radiator or a hand crafted, custom build radiator?

Our craftsmen are on hand to serve you. We source authentic handcrafted, vintage or classic radiators to recreate that authentic character. Call your local ADRAD radiator specialist today.