3 Winter Car Maintenance and Radiator Checks for Snowy Conditions

3 Winter Car Maintenance and Radiator Checks for Snowy Conditions

Ski fields are opening and winter revellers are about to flock from all over the country to our snowy peaks. It’s crucial to ensure you’re ready for any changes in conditions. Take a look at these inexpensive winter car maintenance checks that you can do before you head to the ski fields, in order to stay safe on the road this winter.


Change Your Oil to Suit Driving in Cold Weather

We all know your motor oil should be changed every 5000-10000 kilometres as part of good vehicle maintenance. What many people may not realise is that if you reside or travel through areas with fluctuating temperature ranges, your oil may not be up to the task.

Your oil’s viscosity, or thickness, is vital to protecting your engines moving parts. Less thick oil will flow to more parts and lubricate much more effectively than that with a high viscosity. Colder temperatures can inhibit or even block flow – which could result in a catastrophic breakdown and you stranded in the cold.

A quick glance at your manual should give you the appropriate ranges for suitable oil grades. Keep it in mind when you’re preparing for your winter road trip to the ski fields. While you’ve got car fluids on your mind, don’t forget about your antifreeze!

Visually Inspect Radiator Hose and Tank Cracks

Frigid winter temperatures can lead to a cracked radiator. If you don’t maintain the radiator fluid properly, it can freeze and expand inside the tank; causing small fissures to form and eventually crack. A leaking cooling system can cause damage to your radiator and engine components – the last thing you need is to overheat while driving in cold weather!

An easy visual check of these parts is the way to go, but if you haven’t performed radiator maintenance in a while, seeing one of our ADRAD agents is the best thing to keep you on the road.

If you’re looking for a friendly pair of eyes to look things over, there’s no better than your local ADRAD radiator agent.

Check Tyre Tread and Consider Winter Tyres

It’s a no brainer – your tyres are the only things between you and the road. Making sure you have adequate tread to grip the road is integral to keeping you and your family safe.

Sometimes you may need to go the extra mile. For those heading to many of New Zealand’s stunning mountains, winter tyres may be the solution. Winter tyres are perfect for colder climates because they offer superior grip, traction, and distance in snowy conditions.

Remember: the best car for icy roads is the one most prepared for them.

Winter Car Maintenance is made easy with your local ADRAD radiator agent

Thanks to our nationwide presence, an ADRAD radiator agent is always close by to assist with any aspect of your cooling system’s winter maintenance.

For those in the North Island, New Plymouth’s Arthur and Low Ltd is conveniently situated close to Mt Taranaki and the Egmont National Park, in addition to being the closest ADRAD agent to Mt Ruapehu.

If your radiator is in need of winter car maintenance in the South Island, our highly capable ADRAD agents are based everywhere from Nelson through to Invercargill. Take a look at our agent locator to find the closest one to you!