Industrial Radiator Repair vs Replacement?

Industrial Radiator Repair vs Replacement?

An industrial radiator works through strenuous conditions every day.

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Industrial Radiators can sustain irreparable damage due to operating in harsh conditions, and so commercial operations need to factor in a frequent, rigorous maintenance scheme. In many cases it is prudent to replace the radiator if only to prevent multiple future breakdowns. When downtime makes for lost revenue, it’s important to take every measure to keep your industrial radiator and machinery going.

Industrial activity demands a high level of reliability and durability from their equipment. Typically used in both static and moving diesel engine applications, ADRAD’s heat transfer solutions are the ultimate in fit-for-purpose cooling. Our custom engineered industrial radiator solutions are cost-efficient and highly configurable. We work with noise, space and environmental restrictions to bring the very best out of your motor.

Old industrial engine radiators can develop leaks through cracks and pin-sized holes.

As the metal in your industrial cooling radiator oxidises and weakens, it becomes susceptible to decay and failure. The constant heating up and cooling down of the radiator causes the same stress on the metal as physically bending a piece of wire back and forth!

Breakages are not a possibility, but an eventuality.

In the core of your industrial radiator, the break is a crack along a tube that drains the coolant from the top to the bottom of the radiator. High pressures mean large quantities of coolant can be lost in seconds.

Pin-size openings & oxidation are an industrial radiator’s worst enemies.

Oxidation is corrosion that erodes the amount of metal available. As time passes, more and more of the metal will rust until pin-sized openings appear. The high pressure inside the hot cooling system of industrial motors will spray coolant though these tiny pores as operated. Stop leak and other DIY remedies can slow the leaks for a while, but only real permanent fix is a spot-weld repair or full-on replacement – both able to be performed by our more than capable industrial radiator specialists at ADRAD. Our agents can be found up and down the entire country, ready to help keep your industrial venture ticking. ADRAD’s nationwide network of radiator agents have worked with Marsden Point, Bluff Harbour and other industrial activities to keep both moving and static machinery cool and operational all year round.

Worst Case Scenario: A badly clogged industrial cooling radiator needing total replacement.

1. If debris breaks loose from hoses or the water pump, and lodges itself in the core, this will impact the amount of coolant able to be run over the core’s fins.

2. The accumulation of this material over a few years will reduce the cooling efficiency and lifespan.

3. Likewise, small amounts of oxidation residue can join the party and increase the chances of overheating.

At this point, an industrial radiator service, maybe even replacement, could be the only option available to you.

If you’re concerned your industrial machinery isn’t performing to the standards it needs to, then give your local ADRAD radiator agent a call. Our nationwide network of radiator agents is ready to support your industrial activities. Talk to your local agent today!