Why you need to get an auto radiator service before heading on your Christmas holiday road trip?

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There is nothing worse than having car troubles whilst you are on the road during public holidays. Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be if your car breaks down when all businesses are closed for Christmas? That is why ADRAD recommends that you take your car to one of our nationwide radiator agents for an extensive auto radiator service.

Why do you need to get an auto radiator service before a road trip?

A car’s radiator ensures that the engine does not overheat. It does this by venting heat from the engine. If the engine overheats it may crack and the pistons could melt causing serious damage. This makes the radiator an important component when it comes to the efficiency and longevity of your engine.

Why should you take your car to a radiator shop for regular radiator maintenance?

With all of the driving we do, it is no surprise that little repairs can pop up. Over time a car’s radiator can begin to leak, hoses can break, caps can become worn, or they can sometimes break completely.

Many times if you notice a pool of coolant under your car, or you notice your coolant level going down slowly, it is just a hose. Your hose may have become dislodged or may have a crack.

If you see your car smoking from under the bonnet, it is usually caused by a malfunctioning radiator. One of the most common causes of radiator malfunctions is through physical damage, which usually requires a replacement of one or all its components.

The functionality of a radiator can also be affected by the expired coolant or low coolant levels, which can easily be fixed with a coolant flush. Neglecting your radiator can result in it needing replacement, which can cost you a lot.

When was the last time you got your radiator checked by a professional?

If you haven’t taken your car in for an extensive radiator check and maintenance in the last 12 months or if you don’t remember when was the last time you took your car in to a radiator shop at all, then it means it’s time to book an appointment with one of ADRAD’s radiator agents now.

Make sure you are ready for the holidays by getting an auto radiator service at 0800 radiators. No matter where you are, you can go to one of our agents that are nationwide. Use the ADRAD Agent Locator to find one of our nationwide radiator agents near you: https://0800radiators.co.nz/agent-locator/