Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know As We Leave Summer Behind

Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know As We Leave Summer Behind

Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know As We Leave Summer Behind

Summer is almost at an end and on that note, it is important to check out our car maintenance tips to see if you took good care of your car as we head away from the hot summer weather into more cold and rainy days. This is because hot weather can cause significant damage and wear and tear to different parts of your car, unbeknownst to you, which can affect you when you least expect it-perhaps on that winter roadie down to the mountains!

Here are 7 car maintenance tips you need to check now to make sure your car has made it through summer:

1. Change your oil and oil filter. Harsher weather can put extra demands on your oil and filter as they work hard to keep all those things that float in the air out of your car’s system to keep you running. Therefore it is important to check your oil and filter’s health at the end of each season to assess any damage.

2. Double check your fluid levels. The hot weather can lead to lowered fluid levels in most places of your car. These include the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and even your windshield wiper fluid. The most vital check is your coolant fluid for a potential coolant flush as the greatest cause of breakdowns around summer is overheating.

3. Check and monitor your tyre pressure. Did you know that your tyres lose or gain pressure daily depending on the outside air temperature? Make sure your tyres are properly inflated at the beginning of every new season because tyres with low air pressure wear out a lot quicker.

4. Get your radiator serviced. The start of a new season is the perfect reason to go in to your local ADRAD agent for a top quality radiator repair to keep your car in tip-top shape.

5. Evaluate your alignment. Did you know that proper wheel alignment could save you a couple of dollars on petrol? That’s right. Wheel alignment is vital for your car to run at optimal health as well as keeping your car running smoothly. It only takes one quick check up to see if your car is due for an alignment service.

6. Test your battery. Heat is the number one cause of battery failure and reduced battery life. This is because the summer heat accelerates the rate of fluid loss and resulting oxidation of battery components, which can leave you stranded without warning-something you wouldn’t want as the weather gets worse!

7. Get your brakes inspected. There is nothing more important than good brakes in your vehicle. Those long holiday road trips taken throughout summer may have done a number on your brakes. If you are hearing any eerie noises from your brakes or they are demanding any extra pressure, we recommend taking it in for some fine tuning.

Your Nationwide Radiator Repair Service Is Here For You For Auto Radiator Maintenance

This may feel like quite the list of car maintenance tips to consider and check as we head out of summer but remember that a quick stop in at your local ADRAD agent for a radiator service could save you down the line! ADRAD agents are the best in radiator repair service and are waiting from the bottom to the top of the country for your call so they can provide you with the customer service we are famous for. Contact your nearest ADRAD agent for a quality radiator repair service you can trust.