ADRAD Radiator Repair – What Action Do I Need To Take To Avoid Costly Repair Bills

ADRAD Radiator Repair – What Action Do I Need To Take To Avoid Costly Repair Bills

A radiator tip from your nationwide ADRAD Radiator Repair and Service Specialists.  Have you noticed liquid on the ground where you have parked, or maybe the fluid level in your coolant tank continually dropping? If so, this is a sign that your vehicle may need a radiator repair, a radiator tank repair or possibly a radiator tank replacement.

What Must I Do When I First Notice I Have A Radiator Leak?

You should get your vehicle to a radiator repair agent as soon as possible – but here are a few things you should not do.

  • Keep topping up with water (unless you are in an emergency situation)
  • Top up with a cooling solution when you are unsure what type of antifreeze is already in the vehicle
  • Ignore the radiator leak and hope it goes away

Radiator coolant leaks can be a result of a number of issues. Plastic radiator tanks and reservoirs can become brittle over time and crack. Likewise with hoses. Old coolant which has never been changed can become corrosive and cause damage to metal parts including the radiator core and even the engine itself.

What Will An ADRAD Radiator Repair Expert Do For Me?

ADRAD Radiator repair and Service Specialists.  A nationwide group of experienced radiator specialists.

It is often very difficult to pinpoint exactly where the leak is, particularly if it is a small leak. When you take your vehicle to a radiator repair expert, they have the expertise and equipment to perform a pressure test. By pressurising the entire coolant system, the exact nature of the leak can be determined and the appropriate action taken.

The cause of your faulty radiator may be very minor, or you may have a system that is completely corroded and a radiator which needs total replacement. A lot of the time this is determined by how much or how little preventative maintenance has been performed on your car’s radiator. If you have never had a coolant flush performed on your vehicle or if you are unsure, this is a great opportunity to do this at the same time.

You will want to get your radiator repair issues looked at by someone who you can trust and who is not going to charge you for an entire radiator replacement when in fact they are only replacing one small hose or the radiator cap. If you choose an ADRAD agent you have the peace of mind that their service, as well as the parts and materials, are of superior quality. For this reason, we cover everything we do with a nationwide 2-year warranty.

Radiator Repairs Now Can Save You Lots Of Money In The Future

The bottom line when it comes to addressing radiator repair glitches is “the earlier the better”. Often, at the first sign of a faulty radiator, a minor and low-cost radiator repair will fix the problem. It is when these signs are ignored for long periods that far more costly problems are likely to occur. Our network of radiator experts throughout New Zealand can perform repairs on all types of radiators from modern to vintage vehicles, industrial radiators and more. If it should turn out that your radiator is beyond saving, ADRAD stocks replacement radiators and parts for most vehicles and can even custom-make solutions if required.

Better still, why not avoid radiator repair issues altogether by keeping your radiator and cooling system in tip-top condition? Call us on 0800 RADIATOR (723-428) or fill out a contact form and we will show you how.