Choose Nelson’s Radiator Experts: Richmond Exhaust and Radiators

Choose Nelson’s Radiator Experts: Richmond Exhaust and Radiators

Choose Nelson’s Radiator Experts: Richmond Exhaust and Radiators

With Nelson Anniversary Day gifting a 3 day weekend, you could do worse than to road trip around the picturesque Top of the South! Better yet, Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists are close-by should your cooling system start playing up during the break.

Led by Bradley Evans, the team certainly know their stuff! As Nelson and Tasman’s radiator repair experts, they’ve got the know-how to work on everything from your daily driver, to your race-ready pride and joy, commercial and industry equipment, or whatever else you could throw at them!

Backed by 20+ years of experience, an old school DIY philosophy and ADRAD’s nationwide guarantee, entrust your pride and joy’s cooling systems to their very capable hands.

“If it is not good enough for my vehicles, it is not good enough for yours”.
– Bradley Evans.

Nelson Radiator Services – What we do:

Richmond Exhaust and Radiators have the know-how to do whatever it takes to prevent a meltdown. They’ve got an impressive inventory of more than 120 radiators, to suit everything from cars to 4x4s. Specialist applications can be custom made from the ground up, including:

• Heaters
• Cores
• Alloy Race-spec radiators
• Towing
• Diggers
• Trucks & Heavy Machinery

Get a Radiator Flush in Nelson | Radiator maintenance from the best in Richmond

Radiator Flush in Nelson
The cooling system has one goal: to shift coolant around the engine, so that it may absorb heat and disperse it elsewhere. Your radiator is the most important part of this endeavour.

Coolant gets pumped through the tubes of the radiator and is cooled off, and sent for another round.

Eventually, after enough cycles, the efficacy of the coolant diminishes. Richmond Exhaust and Radiators are here to prolong the life of your radiator: a yearly service and change of antifreeze can go a long way to prevent issues down the road.

Choosing the right Nelson Radiator Repair Agent – You get what you pay for!

Bradley can’t stress enough just how important the use of quality parts can be. It’s could be the difference between taking a brilliant road trip and being stuck with premature repairs.

The best part is that using quality parts isn’t as expensive as you might think! The long-running misconception that a good quality radiator will cost a fortune is just that – a misconception. The truth is: this team will never make you choose between quality and affordability – they go the extra mile to provide the very best result for your budget.

Doing it once, and doing it right with their expert team, is a sure guarantee your pride and joy will keep on moving – through 2020 and into the future.

Find Richmond Exhaust and Radiators at 4 Gladstone Road, Richmond 7020, Nelson. Call them today on (03) 544 1014 or visit their website today!