Timaru Radiator Repairs Are The Reliable, Trusted ADRAD Agent In Timaru And South Canterbury

Timaru Radiator Repairs Are The Reliable, Trusted ADRAD Agent In Timaru And South Canterbury

When looking for a recommended radiator agent in any particular location, savvy vehicle owners know to call 0800 RADIATOR. We at ADRAD are proud to be associated with the best in the radiator repair business. Our agents have been selected because they offer the best products & services, to the extent that we back their work with our nation-wide 2-year warranty.

Who Is Our Recommended Radiator Agent In South Canterbury?

recommended radiator agent
So when someone calls us looking for a recommended radiator agent in the Timaru/South Canterbury area we have no hesitation in putting them in contact with Timaru Radiator Repairs. The business has been in existence since 1953 and from 1990 up until today has been run by Russell Ellis.

Timaru Radiator Repairs Can Provide You With…

For starters, Timaru Radiator Repairs has one of the most comprehensive radiator parts inventories in New Zealand. This in conjunction with 65 years of combined experience with a variety of radiator servicing and cooling systems. Their expertise and experience allow Russell and his team to service, repair, and replace radiators in any kind of vehicle from industrial trucks to all brands of commuter cars and even high-performance racing bikes. Recently he was asked to work on a vintage radiator dating back to 1906 so it is clear that you cannot challenge Russell with any radiator work that he can’t cope with.

People Make The Difference

Quality parts and great service is the minimum we expect from any business that is associated with the ADRAD name. What sets Timaru Radiator Repairs apart from any other similar radiator repair business is the people who work there. Russell grew up in the Timaru and has a unique personal relationship with the community and the region.

The feedback we receive from anyone who has used Timaru Radiator Repairs assures us that we have chosen the best, recommended radiator agent in South Canterbury. Customers tell us that they are fast efficient and professional but also great people to deal with. Car problems are never pleasurable occurrences in anyone’s life so help from friendly approachable people whom you can trust is very valuable.

Where To Find Them

If you are in the Timaru area and you have any issues with your vehicle’s cooling system you can find them at 12 Woollcombe Street, Timaru Central or call them on 03 684 5233. We at ADRAD can assure you that you will receive great advice, excellent service and only top quality parts all backed by our 2-year ADRAD warranty.