Why is good engine coolant flush service important?

Why is good engine coolant flush service important?

One of the most important things to consider when maintaining your vehicle is cleaning the radiator by getting an engine coolant flush service. Looking after your car is an essential task!

Coolant flush helps to release corrosive accumulation and prevents leaks, blockages, and anything that causes them.

This maintenance is done through a system of reinforcement and it does not require to be done in an annual basis but in most cases, the recommendation is to do it every two years.

Regular check-ups can help you avoid costly – and eventually unfortunate – repairs.

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Is it the right time for an engine coolant flush?

First things first: Identifying the symptoms of your vehicle:

  • Check if there is a drip of coolant/antifreeze under the car.
  • Identifies fluctuations outside the nominal ranges of the temperature.
  • Always monitor the engine to identify if there are visible contaminants in the coolant.
  • If steam comes out from under the hood, it is a sign that something might be wrong.

 Things you need to know about coolant:

The coolant is a mixture of 50% antifreeze with 50% water. Over time, the coolant circulating in the radiator wears out and loses its protective properties, while this combo helps prevent the engine from rusting from the inside out. When there is a significant amount of contamination, refilling the coolant will not be enough. The refrigerant will need a replacement.

The benefits of a good ADRAD cleaning coolant flush service:

Component longevity

If your car has recently done some long-distance drives, it will be necessary to replace the radiator if regular maintenance has not been done. Constant radiator flushes allow the radiator, water pump, and other components to last longer and keep your car cool.

Problem detection

ADRAD staff is absolutely certified and well trained to search and find any issues in your cooling system. Our team members will detect any potential headaches with your car as soon as they show up any signs, preventing possible breakdowns that could lead to a further disaster.

Safer operation 

A coolant change brings fresh fluids to keep your engine temperatures fresh and consistent. Stay on top of your car’s radiator’s flushing service schedule, and you will effectively extend the life of your car’s engine.

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable coolant flush service?

We are here to support you. Our ADRAD team of experts will guide you with the best and most suitable for your motor.

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