Antifreeze and Your Car Radiator: Vehicle Antifreeze 101

Antifreeze and Your Car Radiator: Vehicle Antifreeze 101

Most vehicle owners will know that antifreeze coolant is a key component in any car radiator. However, many will not know its function, makeup or any other information that is vital to ensuring the products and services you engage will be suited to your vehicle. The relationship between antifreeze and your car radiator is an important one to maintain, so stay tuned to make sure you’re informed about car radiator antifreeze.

Antifreeze and your car radiatorWhat’s the difference between antifreeze and coolant?

Some of us have trouble distinguishing the difference between car antifreeze and coolant. This is a common and understandable issue, largely because they are almost the same! The only difference between antifreeze and coolant is that antifreeze is the pure product you buy off the shelf. Coolant is the term for the liquid that is used to regulate engine temperature – for most of us, this would be a 50/50 antifreeze water mix. So, when you buy engine antifreeze, mix it with water and add it to your engine reservoir, it becomes coolant.

What color car antifreeze coolant should I use?

The varying colors of antifreeze radiator coolant available on the market can cause some confusion when it comes to making the right purchase. Older antifreeze was usually green or blue thanks to its Inorganic Additive Technology (IAT). Then followed Organic Acid Technology (OAT), which was often blended with IAT to produce hybrid antifreeze. These were usually orange in color. Finally, antifreeze of a solely OAT chemical make-up arrived – but at this stage, manufacturers no longer needed to use a specific color for their coolant.

So, whether you have pink antifreeze or blue, don’t rely on the colors you see anymore to decide which coolant your car needs. Trust an experienced radiator specialist, whether it’s an antifreeze coolant flush you need or just an informed opinion for the next time you go to the auto shop. Get in touch today!