Repairing Radiator: DIY vs Hiring an expert

Repairing Radiator: DIY vs Hiring an expert

Radiator leakage is one of the most common problems in many vehicles. As a car owner, you know that it’s bound to happen at some point.

But what do you do when facing this problem? That’s the real question.

First things first, if you are wondering: Can a radiator be repaired? and can I do it myself? Then let’s clear this up.

It is important to be clear that every car is different, and if you don’t consider yourself as an expert, maybe you might want to contact an expert. But If you know your way around cars, then yes! You can repair a minor leakage in radiators yourself. In case you are interested, there is plenty of information you can find online on how to repair a radiator.

Repairing radiator in 3 steps:

Here are the 3 steps involved in radiator leak repair.

Step 1: Finding the leak:

The first thing you need to do is to find out where the leakage is. For this purpose, you need to inspect the bottom to the top of the radiator, reservoir, radiator hoses, and drain valves.

Depending on the nature of the leak, this process could take you hours if you do not know what you are doing.

Step 2: Exploring the nature of the issue:

This step involves finding the size of the leak and determining whether the leak can be repaired or not. In some cases, the radiator can be repaired. However, If you find that the coolant is running from your radiator instead of dripping, it normally indicates that the leakage is beyond repair.

Step 3: Applying radiator leak stop products

The final step involves applying a radiator stop product to the area of the leakage by just following the instructions written on the packaging. In some cases, however,  applying a leak stop product only fixes the leak temporarily and you might face the leakage again.

All set to try and fix your radiator? Don’t go anywhere just yet…

repairing radiatorWhy hiring an expert is your best bet?

The process of radiator leak repair might look easy on paper however when it comes to the actual practice, there are a lot of complexities.

The process of finding leakages in the radiator can be very tricky if you do not know your way around cars and it could take a lot of time. Furthermore, repairing a radiator is not like you just unhook some parts and fit a new one. Instead, things like system flushing, checking pressures, and installing hoses need to be handled with extreme precision.

Sure you can save a few bucks by trying to fix the radiator yourself, but is it really worth the risk? In fact, you might end up worsening the issue even more.

That is why it is highly recommended to hire an expert for this task. At ADRAD, we specialise in radiator repair. We can repair many leaking radiators. Be it tube leaks, core leaks, or even tank leaks, ADRAD’s superior radiator services technicians can fix the problem with trust and care.

Contact us now. After all, some things are better left for the experts to handle, and “you can trust an expert”.