How to get a radiator replacement cost estimate?

How to get a radiator replacement cost estimate?

How do you know your car needs a radiator replacement?

Before getting a radiator replacement cost estimate from your provider, there are a few signs your radiator needs to be replaced:

Engine overheating

Notice the temperature gauge on your vehicle’s dashboard – check your manual how to read it, but generally if the indicator is in the red zone the engine is too hot! You may notice steam escaping from the bonnet while driving, if so – stop! This is serious and needs attention.

Liquid under your car

Red, green, or blue liquid underneath your car could be radiator coolant. It’s important to take this seriously – call your radiator shop to have it checked out!

Hissing sound

If there’s hissing coming from the engine, your vehicle might need a radiator replacement.

Before you call for a radiator replacement cost estimate.

Know the difference – radiator replacement or repair?

The radiator may just need a repair, but if the damage has been long term or severe it could need a full replacement radiator.

Does the shop have radiator replacement experience?

It’s important your radiator agent has the proper training to be able to do the work safely.

Is the radiator shop licensed and insured?

This is especially important if you need a radiator replacement due to a collision and the insurance company needs to approve the provider. If the shop is not accepted by your insurance, they may reject your claim.

Radiator shop reputation

Read reviews and ask around – you want a trusted technician working on your radiator!

On the Call

Ask if they can do the work

Some radiator shops are booked up for weeks!

Ask what’s included in the radiator replacement estimate

They should include:

  • Inspecting for leaks.
  • Draining radiator coolant.
  • Check all hoses to and from the radiator.
  • Radiator flush to clean system.
  • Remove old radiator and fit replacement.
  • Fill with new coolant.
  • System bleed to remove air bubbles.
  • Road test.

Finally – ask for the radiator replacement cost estimate!

Remember this is an estimate, if a secondary problem is discovered this estimate could change. Book in to have a technician look at your vehicle and give you a firmer estimate.

When you book with ADRAD you are getting experienced and dedicated motor vehicle technicians. So, give us a call, and let’s get your radiator replaced, and your car back on the road.