How much does it cost to repair a radiator – We break down the costs!

How much does it cost to repair a radiator – We break down the costs!

How much does it cost to repair a radiator – and why does it cost that much?

The exact type of radiator repair you need will heavily influence how much it costs to repair; some problems are simple and quick while others are more complicated and lead to expensive repairs. Here we will break down the costs.

The two main costs are parts and labour, but each of those can break down differently. So, let’s have a look at the requisite parts and the types of labour that might be needed to fix your radiator and contribute to your car radiator replacement cost.

Parts: How much does it cost to repair a radiator with new parts?

There are several parts that make up the radiator system – the fins, the internal structure of the radiator, the expansion bottle and the water pump.

Each of these plays a role outside of the engine block to form the cooling system which prevents the engine block from overheating. Inside the engine head and block, there are water channels where coolant will circulate to help remove the generated heat and preventing the engine from overheating.

To put it simply, the cooling system pumps water and engine coolant around the engine to prevent engine damage and keep your car running.

Your temperature gauge on your dash should give you a good idea of how hot or cool the engine is at any given time, however, this gauge relies on the thermostat to be correct and so maintaining the thermostat is an important factor in keeping your engine cool.

Each of these parts varies in cost depending on the quality of the part and the vendor who is selling it. We only use quality products at ADRAD and even back them with a warranty, so while the initial cost may be higher you can trust these parts more than second hand or questionable online deals.

Varying costs for individual radiator parts are a major reason why we recommend getting an accurate and personalized quote – a blanket price does not take into account your specific circumstances and can leave you with a nasty surprise at the till.

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Labour Costs: The Work Hours Spent on Repairing a Radiator

There are different kinds of labour required to fix your radiator. From entry-level workers to diagnostic labour, to highly trained welders, to specialty mechanics who work on custom builds.

These different types of labour affect the overall cost of your radiator repair. For example, a simple hose swap may take as little as an hour and can be done by a regular mechanic. Alternatively, your custom classic car radiator may need extensive work, welding, and require two people to work on it at a time.

When asking how much does it cost to repair a radiator, take in to account the work that goes into the service – figuring out what is wrong, assessing the repairs, and carrying them out.

Why choose ADRAD to repair a radiator?

Our highly trained and experienced agents who work on your radiator will always be the right person for the job. ADRAD has over 80 years of experience in the business and we are dedicated to the best quality in both the products and parts we make and use, but also in the people, we bring on to the team to give you the best possible service.