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For urgent radiator service or assistance please contact Radiator Services Dunedin on mobile: 027 518 5991

Scott Helm might be new to Radiator Services Dunedin, but the experienced and passionate team who are on the job each day sure aren’t!

After being in the automotive glass industry for thirty years, Scott decided it was time for a change of scenery. Having known Radiator Services Dunedin as the best radiator services and repair agent in Dunedin for years, he trusted the team (often described as the ‘most experienced team in the country’) and decided it was a great opportunity to take on a new challenge.

Scott, who is an avid motor racing fan, has previously worked for Smith & Smith and Novus, and owned his own automotive glass business for fifteen years – so he’s very familiar with how to build a business that customers trust. He’s already modernised the showroom (in the first eight weeks of owning the business!)

As your local radiator services and repair agent in Dunedin, Scott and the team do everything from basic radiator clean outs and coolant flushes, through repairs to damaged radiators, to supplying and installing complete radiator systems. Located at 366 King Edward St, Dunedin, everything they do is done with the purpose of prolonging your radiator’s life and making sure you’re taken care of out on the road.

Who should I call when my radiator is overheating?

“When your temperature gauge starts to climb, that’s when you know your radiator isn’t quite working as it should be. If it starts getting up there, give us a call – we’ll be able to tell you whether or not you can keep driving (such as if it’s just weeping) or if it’s getting dangerous and you need to pull over.”

“We’ve got a great partnership with a local towing company, so we can organise a cost-effective pickup – definitely more economical than pushing your car to the extreme and blowing a head gasket from overheating!”

Scott and the Radiator Services Dunedin team recommend regularly checking that your water levels are kept right, you’ve got anti-freeze in your system, and your hoses are okay to help you prolong the life of your radiator. If you’re unsure how just pop past and the team can check them for you!

To get your radiator sorted by the best radiator services and repair agent in Dunedin, call now!