Classic Radiators

classic radiators

Classic Car – Great

Classic Radiator – Even better

Are you looking for a repair or replacement radiator for your treasured classic vehicle?

How about a hand- crafted vintage or classic custom- built radiator?

Your car is performing, but how is your radiator going?


When talking about restoring your classic radiator to pristine condition, we know that it is important for you to go to a trusted provider, who knows what they are doing, and that the quality of their services are the best.

Maintenance is important for any vehicle, especially for classic and retro cars. Besides looking the part, you also must make sure you give your classic vehicle the necessary and proper care. Efficient radiator performance is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the engine.

What makes the difference in terms of performance?

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors of classic car performance is getting the right parts for your car. Authentic design maintains the vehicle’s original condition and maximises its value, while distinctive classic radiator designs are a key feature on many vintage, classic and performance vehicles. These designs reflect the technology and character of past times.

Why trust ADRAD to take care of my classic radiators?

At ADRAD we like happy clients, so we specialise in custom-made classic radiators tailored to our client’s specific needs and taste. We are able to supply a range of classic, vintage and performance radiators to suit your car.

With more than 86 years of manufacturing experience, we are committed to your vehicles unique style and maintain a classic vehicle’s integrity.

Our ADRAD expert craftsmen use original manufacturing equipment which makes radiators to last.

Our vintage radiators are full copper hexagonal and cellular style cores that are then full-face solder dipped to produce an authentic and exact fit replacement radiator. We only use high-quality copper and brass strip utilising original machinery from the vintage period. Our manufacturing processes transform these materials into a beautiful and detailed radiator replicating a product from a bygone era.

We know you want the best for your classic beauty – talk to the experts today. 0800 RADIATORS. 


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