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Meet Conner of Muirs Radiator

Meet Conner of Muirs Radiator (our ADRAD Agent) in Gore. Conner is showcasing a Hyundai loader radiator. The old radiator core was rotten, with the coolant leaking out. The result for this client was a damaged motor. What was needed:- A new motor and a...

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3 Top Tips to Prevent Your Car from Overheating

Easy and Useful Tips to Prevent Your Car from Overheating We share with you these 3 top tips to prevent your car from overheating. No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road with steam pouring out of their engine. Many people...

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What Are the Basic Symptoms of Clogged Car Radiator?

These four symptoms of clogged car radiator could save you! A broken radiator can not only cause engine overheating but also end up with an expensive repair. When a radiator stops working as efficiently as it needs to, the engine temperature can rise. Now, all...

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Best supplier option for aftermarket radiator NZ

Commonly known as ‘heat exchanger’- Radiator is an essential part of every car. As the name suggests, it maintains the temperature of the vehicle’s engine and prevents it from overheating. Here’s how a radiator works: The modern radiator system works through the use of liquid...

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Everything you need to know about Engine Coolant

Engine coolant is also dubbed as antifreeze. It works as a tool to ensure vehicles can safely operate their engines in hot and cold temperatures. In other words, the engine coolant helps the radiator protect engines from freezing or overheating. Another essential contribution of engine...

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