Aftermarket Radiators

Our nationwide network of radiator repairers stocks a wide range of aftermarket radiators for all types of vehicles. They also stock aftermarket radiator fans, hose packs, intercoolers and more.

Aftermarket Radiator vs OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

When your vehicle needs a new radiator, you may be unsure of whether to buy an aftermarket radiator instead of one from the original manufacturer (OEM). You may be worried that an aftermarket radiator will not be as good as the original. This is certainly true if you are buying cheap aftermarket radiators – but at ADRAD we do not supply inferior quality radiators just to be the cheapest in the market. We believe that “Better Construction Equals Better Performance”.

Any radiator or allied radiator part supplied by our nation-wide network of Radiator Repair Agents is covered by our 2-year national warranty. This is our personal guarantee that we source only top quality radiators from our suppliers.

Custom Built Aftermarket Radiator Manufacturers

What if I have an unusual or vintage car and the radiator is no longer readily available?

Do not worry! ADRAD has you covered. Or radiator experts around New Zealand can custom make best aftermarket radiator for any application, whether that be for a treasured vintage vehicle, a modified high-performance beast or a specialised race car. Naturally, all custom built radiators, parts such as aftermarket radiator fans, and workmanship are also covered by our 2-year warranty.

We have decades of proven expertise, having created a copper or aftermarket aluminium radiator for all makes and models imaginable. Choosing an ADRAD agent means can trust your vehicle’s cooling system to handle everything thrown at it for years to come.

When you need to buy a new radiator, you can be sure that aftermarket radiators from ADRAD are a wise purchase. When looking for “an aftermarket radiator near me”, you will always find what you need at your local ADRAD agent.

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