Cleaning Radiator Services – Get an Engine Coolant Flush

It’s generally recommended to get a radiator cleaned via a cooling system flush every 2 years, but it’s an often-overlooked part of car maintenance. As it turns out, cleaning your radiator is an essential maintenance task, freeing corrosive build-up and any sludge that can cause leaks and blockages. It’s a shame because a coolant flush cost is far more affordable than any repairs due to its neglect.

Having a prudent and proactive outlook to radiator cleaning is a proven way to avoid untimely and expensive repairs.

Signs or Symptoms Your Vehicle Needs an Engine Coolant Flush:

engine coolant

1. Temperature gauge fluctuations outside of nominal ranges
2. Antifreeze/coolant leaking under the vehicle
3. Visible contaminants in the engine coolant
4. Steam coming from under the bonnet.

Coolant, as many people know it, is a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. The engine can rust from the inside out without the addition of antifreeze. Over time, the coolant circulating in the radiator wears out and loses its protective properties. At the point of significant contamination, refilling coolant will not be enough. Eventually, you need a coolant replacement to continue performing at optimum levels.

Benefits of a radiator cleaner and coolant service include:

Component Longevity
Your radiator is a component that may need to be replaced during the time you own your car, particularly if you drive long distances without having the unit inspected. Regular radiator flushes (as recommended by your local ADRAD agent) allows the radiator, water pump, and other components to last longer and keep your car cool.

Problem Detection
During the rad flush process, your mechanic will look for problems in your cooling system that needs to be rectified. It’s easy to spot potential problems before they lead to a breakdown with the unit out of your car. Our capable and experienced ADRAD agents are perfectly equipped to perform any radiator repair or restoration.

Safer Operation
A coolant change brings fresh fluids to keep your engine temperatures cool and consistent. Keep on top of the radiator’s flushing service schedule, and you’ll effectively extend the life of your car’s engine.

At ADRAD, we’re committed to solving your car maintenance problems. To find out more about our affordable radiator flush price, get in touch with your local ADRAD Radiator agent. Find the closest agent in our nationwide network on our Agent Locator Page or call 0800 RADIATOR (723 428) to talk to our radiator specialist near you.

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