Radiator Leak Test Services

Plenty of expensive radiator repairs can be avoided through scheduled radiator support from ADRAD Radiator Agents.

Cooling system failures, such as a car water pump leak, head gasket leak or hose wear, have earnt a reputation as some of the most commonly occurring, and expensive, kinds of breakdowns. ADRAD’s nationwide network of radiator agents is able to keep you on the road with their radiator leak test & pressure procedures.

Several aspects of performance and radiator durability are included in our inexpensive radiator tests. Our agents’ leak test procedure includes a radiator pressure test and leak test. In addition, flow testing is performed to identify blockages. All of these tests are performed using proven equipment with the utmost care.

Steer clear of engine troubles with a radiator leak test.

radiator leak test,

The radiator tester process is the quick and easy way to find and remove blockages.

1. A cooling system pressure tester is used to check for leaks in the cooling system and to test the radiator cap.
2. A pressure check pumps air into the system. It simulates an engine getting hot and expands the coolant, in turn increasing pressure.
3. If the pressure is not holding, the chances are coolant is spilling out through a leak, or the radiator cap pressure is too low.

If not regularly serviced, a radiator will gather rust and engine debris, clog, and leak. Any of our ADRAD agents will use radiator pressure tester equipment to diagnose problems. Time and time again, our agents find a radiator leak is a likely culprit for a cooling system failure.

ADRAD’s Agents have you covered for radiator flow testing

Corrosive deposits can form in your radiator -inhibiting flow and preventing even distribution of coolant around the engine. Without a radiator flow test, these deposits clog the system, leading to parts that overheat, fail or rust the pressurized cooling system from the inside out.

The coolant pressure tester process includes the introduction of preheated or cooled liquids which are introduced at varying pressures and monitored for effective flow and temperature performance. Our same-day radiator testing service makes sure this doesn’t happen to you.

ADRAD’s number one priority is to give our valued customers an effective, functional, and affordable radiator testing service. We are New Zealand’s nationwide radiator company, with experts all around the country. We test and service all shapes and sizes of radiators.

In addition to the common radiator leak test and diagnosis procedures, each agent has decades of experience on hand to test, repair, and create cooling solutions that perform exactly as you desire.

You can find an ADRAD agent all over New Zealand – use our Agent Locator or dial 0800 RADIATOR to connect with your closest radiator specialist.

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