Reconditioning Radiator Services

Reconditioning Radiator Services, radiator reconditioning,

If you’re lucky enough to own or get your hands on an antique original radiator or just need your current model spruced up a little, then you’re in luck! ADRAD offers a full radiator reconditioning, refurbishment, and repair service. This involves stripping the radiator down and cleaning every part. By unblocking the tubes and re-soldering connections your radiator will have a new lease of life.

Pressure Clean

The first step in the process is a pressurized radiator clean. This’ll completely strip the radiator, removing all of the current finish and any imperfections, such as rust, debris and blockages. Getting your radiator back to bare metal allows our talented radiator experts to perform the deepest cleans for best performance going forward. It also reveals a radiators level of integrity – if it’s too far damaged, it’s a candidate for a re-core or replacement.

Radiator Seal / Gasket Replacement

Your car runs cool thanks to a closed cooling system. Without functioning radiator seals/gaskets, pressure cannot be maintained and leaks can occur. We’ll check these and re-gasket where needed, making sure they’ll last for the many cool miles ahead.

Radiator Testing

Checking to make sure there are no leaks and your engine operates at optimal pressure and temperatures is the most crucial part of the reconditioning process. Learn more about our radiator testing process here.

Radiator Re-finishing and fitment

The final part of the radiator reconditioning process involves painting, polishing and powder coating. Not only does this make for maximum aesthetics, but also protects the bare metal below from oxidation and other environmental damage.

Choose ADRAD as your Radiator Reconditioning Expert

With a nationwide presence, there’s always an agent ready to assist no matter where your travels take you. As the experts in their field, our radiator services are backed by a nationwide guarantee. As an attest to their abilities, same day services, including a radiator reconditioning service, is available for many makes and models of cars, trucks, and other cooling systems.

Find one of ADRAD’s radiator reconditioning specialist in your city or call 0800 RADIATOR (723 428) to talk to our radiator specialist near you.

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