Radiator Recore Service

radiator recore

The radiator core is the centrepiece of a cooling system! When worn, damaged or failing to perform, you need a radiator recore service. ADRAD are proud to supply and manufacture cores to fit all radiator sizes.

All styles and eras of motoring are cared for, from modern aluminium radiator cores to vintage copper radiator types. As part of your cooling system, a radiator recore service needs to be done right – trust in ADRAD’s nationwide network to provide a superior cooling solution, every time.

A radiator recore brings it back to the original operating condition: using restored existing parts in combination with new, rebuilt or unimpaired radiator fittings.

No matter how specialised your radiator request, we will be able to supply a new radiator core. If we can’t supply it from stock, we will custom make your radiator to your specifications, without compromise.

This includes vintage radiators, where bygone designs are a key feature of many classic, vintage and veteran vehicles. Restorers often need genuine honeycomb or cellular replacement radiator cores. ADRAD’s radiator recore services maintain the integrity of a vehicles era.

Why choose us for your radiator re-core?

  • We have over 80 years of radiator manufacturing experience manufacturing radiators.
  • ADRAD’s expert craftsmen use original manufacturing equipment.
  • We produce full copper hexagonal and cellular style cores. The cores are then full face solder dipped to produce an authentic and exact fit replacement radiator.
  • We feed high-quality copper and brass strip into original machinery from the period. This transforms them into a beautiful and detailed radiator core.
  • We build all radiator cores to last.

No matter where you live in New Zealand, ADRAD’s nationwide network of radiator recore specialists can help you.

Find one of ADRAD’s radiator agent in your city or call 0800 RADIATOR (723 428) to talk to our radiator specialist near you.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and one of our radiator agents will be in touch with you soon.

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